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        Sino-India Trade is operated and constructed by Linyi Top Network Co.,Ltd.(, which mainly aim at Indian market, carry out product export trade with Chinese characteristics and tight sell like hot cakes. The products are main battery, small electrical appliances, gift, and tea, home & garden and so on. Make full use of resources superiority of Linyi "Trade and Logistics City", committed to the Chinese Linyi small commodities sold to India, make Linyi new ec...


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Shopping Guide

1、All goods just for whosale not for retail.

2、All goods are made in China with high quality and attractive price.

3、We can chat online or through E-mail,if you are interested in our goods.

4、Fill in the shopping list and pay advance payment.

5、Once we received the payment,ordered goods will be delivered immediately.

6、The remaining cost should be paid in 45 days after you receive.

7、If necessary, replacement should be processed during second trade. We only pay the postage due to quality problems.

8、We recruit more agents in Inida,Interested parties may contact with us.

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1、Mutual trust is needed.

2、The agency should be honest and trustworthy, doing legitimate business and refusing any speculation .

3、The agency should be a long-term partner,patience and persistence are needed.

4、The agency should have a certain economic foundation and business acumen, ownning ambition to expand the market.

5、The agency should to collect market information actively and feed back timely, also have an obligation to promote Sino-India trade website in India.

6、When ordering goods, each payment should not be less than Rs 40,000.

7、We will make every effort to provide agencies high-quality goods at a competitive price and perfect after-sales service.

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March 5, 2013

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